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Our mission

The Richmond Light Orchestra aims to fill the gap in amateur orchestral music, bringing accessible music to a corner of London. Our members can expect to have fun performing music they've always wanted to play, and audience members get to enjoy tunes they are familiar with.

Think Lloyd Webber over Lizst. Bernstein over Berlioz. John Williams over Vaughan Williams. You get the jist.

We have a particular soft spot for musical theatre so songs from Les Miserables, Oliver!, My Fair Lady are just some examples of show tunes you are likely to hear being played at our future concerts, as well as orchestral versions of music from from 'jukebox' musicals such as Jersey Boys and ABBA, etc.


We also plan to dip our musical toes into the lighter side of the classical music catalogue, exploring works from the likes of Eric Coates (Dambusters), and Gilbert & Sullivan operettas, for example. Essentially, if a piece of popular music has been featured in a TV show, advert or film the chances are we're likely to play it at some stage!

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